Work is Challenging

Due to many things going on in my life, like school and balancing two jobs, I find it very stressful and very challenging to fit everything into my schedule and finishing school work on time. It is so hard to fit everything into my week due to working every single day. I’m lucky if I get one or two days off a week to catch up on things I couldn’t accomplish during the week.

During the week, I go to school and go to class. Because I have mostly all academic classes, the work is very stressful and there is lots of it. At school, I have an English class, Chemistry, Ancient History, and Knight line. It is nice to have Knight line because I can also use that time to catch up on my more important subjects.

While working at both my jobs, I work at least 20 hours a week. I am constantly on my feet at work and at school. Trying to finish all my school work while I work these hours, it is almost close to impossible. As hard as I try, I feel like my work is not the best to my ability because I do not have time to finish. Not only do I not have  time to do it due to work but I also do not have time because I like to sleep. Because of all these things going on in my life, I find it very challenging to finish everything that is expected of me.image